The Mexican Americans.

Antonio Vazquez, Gavino Anaya, Vincente Anaya and Lalo Alba from California hunted with Big Water Safaris during April 2023.

Professional hunters: Dewald Kearnes and Thinus Steyn.

Around the dinner table at Big Water Safaris’ lodge at Laohu Valley Reserve. l-r: Vincente Anaya, Gavino Anaya, Lalo Alba and Antonio Vazquez.
Antonio Vazquez with a zebra stallion he harvested at Laohu Valley Reserve.
An African Unicorn – Lalo Alba with his one horned kudu bull.
Vincento and Gavino Anaya with a blue wildebeest bull hunted by Gavino.
Vincente Anaya with his black wildebeest bull.
Vincente Anaya with his kudu bull.
Gavino Anaya with a blesbuck ram harvested at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Lalo Alba with his gemsbuck (oryx) bull.
Antonio Vazquez with his gemsbuck bull.
Lalo Alba with his red hartebeest bull.
Vincente Anaya with his white blesbuck ram.
Lalo Alba with his blue wildebeest.
Antonio Vazquez with his impala ram.

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