Big Water Safaris.

Big water Safaris offer fair chase hunting safaris on the 33 000ha (80 000 acre) Laohu Valley Reserve which is situated in Central South Africa. Hunting is done during the colder months, March to August. We offer trophy hunting as well as cull hunting. All hunting is conducted on foot and all hunters are guided by experienced professional hunters. The majority of the meat harvested is used to feed a population of endangered South Chinese Tigers, resident on the reserve. Hunters are accommodated in a luxurious, renovated farm house.

Laohu Valley Reserve.

Laohu Valley Reserve consist of 33 000ha of grassy plains, rugged rocky hills and valleys. The reserve lies on both sides of the Gariep River (South Africa’s largest river) this lends a different dimension to the otherwise arid landscape. It is not unusual to hear the haunting call of the african fish eagle while out hunting.

Laohu Valley is home to twenty huntable species of game. Antelope species on the reserve range from the tiny steenbok to eland, an antelope that can weigh 800 kilograms. There are no inner fences in the hunting area.

Laohu Valley Reserve is also home to the only free ranging cheetah in the Free State Province. Bird life is prolific, with blue crane, secretary bird and  fish eagles regularly sighted. 

South China Tiger Project.

Central to Laohu Valley Reserve is a project that breeds and rewilds the endangered South China Tiger (tigris amoyensis).

We currently have 20 of these rare felines at Laohu Valley Reserve and as 20 hungry tigers (and they are always hungry) consume a lot of fresh meat, we are constantly busy hunting to keep them suitably fed. The vast majority of animals harvested on the reserve is fed to the tigers.

Follow the link below to learn more about the South China Tiger Project.