Dick, Matt & Lincoln Browne and Scott Martin.

Scott Martin and three generations of Brownes, Dick, Matt and Lincoln all from South Dakota hunted with Big Water Safaris during April 2023.

Professional hunters: Henno Cronje and Thinus Steyn.

Scott Martin with his sable bull.
Three generations of Brownes taking a well deserved break next to the Vanderkloof dam at Laohu Valley Reserve. l-r: Dick, Matt and Lincoln (Indy).
Lincoln with his gemsbuck (oryx).
Matt, Dick and Lincoln Browne with Matt’s kudu bull.
Scott Martin with his waterbuck bull.
Lincoln Browne with his impala ram.
Matt Browne with his waterbuck bull.
Scott Martin with his gemsbuck (oryx) bull.
Lincoln Browne with his duiker. A member of the tiny ten the common duiker is a very challenging quarry despite his small size. This one, especially turned out to be very difficult.
Scott Martin with his kudu bull. Africa’s “grey ghost”.
Scott Martin with his zebra.

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