The Pennsylvania Posse 2023.

Robert Greene, our agent in Pennsylvania brought over our first group for 2023. Robert Greene, Keith Fessler Jr., Jeffrey Love and his son Jason and Joseph Snyder, all from Pennsylvania was joined by Russel Burkhart from California and Kevin Jensen from Utah.

As on all previous hunts with this group of hunters, great trophies were harvested, the tigers were well fed and everyone involved had loads of fun.

Professional hunters: Bennie Breytenbach, Dawie Wiesner, Dewald Kearns, Heinrich Funck, Mielie du Toit and Thinus Steyn.

The Pennsylvania Posse with the trophies they harvested.
Robert Greene and Keith Fessler Jr. with an eland bull hunted by Robert. Eland is the largest antelope in South Africa, despite its size, they can be extremely difficult to hunt.
Keith Fessler Jr. with a red lechwe ram.
Jeff and Jason Love with a magnificent cape buffalo bull hunted by Jeff.
Jason Love and his father, Jeff, with a kudu bull hunted by Jason.
Joe Snyder with a kudu bull.
Kevin Jensen with his sable antelope bull.
Russel Burkhart with a beautiful springbok ram. Springbok are South Africa’s national animal and are also very good to eat.
Robert Greene with a golden wildebeest, a color variation of the blue wildebeest.
Keith Fessler Jr. with his nyala bull.
Keith Fessler Jr. and Robert Greene with a tsessebe bull hunted by Robert. Tsessebe is of the blesbuck and hartebeest family and is the fastest African antelope.
Kevin Jensen with a red hartebeest bull hunted at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Robert Greene with a steenbok ram, a member of the tiny ten, steenbok make for a challenging hunt.
Joe Snyder with a chacma baboon, hunted in mountainous terrain with the Orange river in the background.

Keith Fessler Jr. with his white springbok ram.
Robert Greene with his blue wildebeest (brindled gnu) bull.
Joe Snyder with his waterbuck bull, one of the lesser known African antelope, a waterbuck bull makes a magnificent trophy.

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