Bruce Bettis and Doug Arens.

Bruce Bettis and Doug Arens joined us for their second hunt with Big Water Safaris. The two hunters from Arizona had a successful hunt and took some excellent trophies.

Professional hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Doug Arens with a young cull impala ram, shot for the South China Tiger Conservation project.
Bruce Bettis with an excellent golden wildebeest bull.
Doug Arens with his ostrich. The ostrich is a challenging quarry that provides excellent table meat and a skin that can be used to manufacture beautiful leather products.
Bruce Bettis with his black wildebeest (white tailed gnu) bull. These animals, known as the clowns of the plains for their erratic behavior, inhabit the open plains of Laohu Valley Reserve. They rely on their eyesight to avoid danger and getting within shooting range can be a challenge.
Doug Arens with his black wildebeest cow, harvested for the South China Tiger conservation project at Laohu Vally Reserve.
Doug Arens, Hein Funck and Bruce Bettis with jackal hunted at night. Hein Funck guided this predator hunt.

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