A Father and Daughter Hunt. Stephen and Kendall Androlevich.

Stephen brought his daughter Kendall with, on his second hunt at Big Water Safaris, the hunt was Kendall’s graduation present. Despite being only 17 years old, Kendall is an excellent shot and very calm, even under pressure. The father and daughter team from Alabama hunted some excellent trophies and provided fresh food for the tigers. A lot of fun was had by everyone involved.

Professional hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Stephen and Kendall Androlevich with Kendall’s blue wildebeest bull.
Kendall’s impala, another clean one shot kill, after an exciting stalk.
Stephen and Kendall with Stephen’s zebra. A long, exciting stalk involving a herd of red hartebeest and two different herds of zebra made this a memorable hunt.
Stephen with his ostrich. These birds have excellent eyesight and a nervous disposition, making them a very difficult quarry.
Stephen and Kendall with Kendall’s red hartebeest. This turned out to be the most challenging of all the animals she hunted. A single accurate shot at 400 yards brought this several day long search for the hartebeest to an end.
Kendall with her warthog.
Stephen and Kendall with an eland cow hunted by Kendall for the South China Tiger conservation prject at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Photo time. A lot of good memories were made on this hunt.

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