Texans and Pennsylvanians.

Gregory Bonds Jr. and Daniël Brock from Texas and Nate Morrison and Leonard Zander from Pennsylvania hunted the Laohu Valley Reserve with Big Water Safaris during July 2023.

Professional Hunters: Bennie Breytenbach and Dewald Kearns.

Greg Bonds with a red hartebeest bull.
Nate Morrison with a blue wildebeest (brindled gnu) bull.
Lenny Zander with his black wildebeest (white tailed gnu).
Nate Morrison and his golden wildebeest.
Greg Bonds with his kudu bull.
Lenny Zander with his warthog.
Nate Morrison with his springbok.
Greg Bonds with his impala.
Greg Bonds with a blesbuck. With Greg in the photo is Daniël Brock. This is, unfortunately, the only photo we have of the elusive mr. Brock.

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