Hawaii Five-0.

Doug “Dhagga Boy” Silva, Boyd Stevens, Norris Katada, Darryl and Darren Iseri, on their second safari with Big Water Safaris, was joined by Nicholas Callejo on his first African adventure. These gentlemen had to travel, literally, half-way around the world to hunt in South Africa, the fact that 5 of them were willing to do that twice speaks volumes about their dedication to hunting, it also means that they probably like hunting at Big Water Safaris. Which is fine, we really enjoy their company!

Professional Hunters: Bennie Breytenbach, Heinrich Funck, Mielie du Toit and Thinus Steyn.

A dream come true, Doug “Dhaggaboy” Silva with his cape buffalo bull. An amazing buffalo bull after an amazing hunt.
Darren Iseri with an excellent nyala bull.
Nick Callejo with a beautiful kudu bull.
Darryl Iseri with his red lechwe bull.
Boyd Stevens with his impala, hunted on a miserable cold and wet day.
Norris Katada with his calamari “Kalahari” springbok.
Boyd Stevens Exploring the cave at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Taking a break while tracking a waterbuck, Norris Katada, Darryl Iseri and Velaphi “Sam” Thumana.
Darryl Iseri with his waterbuck after one hell of a hunt.
Boyd Stevens with his black impala, it was cold and wet.
Darren Iseri with an ostrich.
Hawaii Five-0.
Nick Callejo with His gemsbuck (oryx).
The one and only Norris Katada with the Vanderkloof dam in the background.
Nick Callejo with his blue wildebeest bull.
Darren Iseri with a warthog.
Norris Katada with his blue wildebeest.
Boyd Stevens with a chacma baboon.

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