Tommy and Melissa Copeland.

Tommy and Melissa Copeland from North Carolina was our last hunters for the 2023 season. It was their first trip to Africa and they were very excited and, understandably, a little nervous. The trip almost started with disaster, Melissa tripped and fell at Bloemfontein airport. It later transpired that she broke two ribs but she soldiered on bravely. The hunt went well and Tommy bagged several great animals. Everyone involved had lots of fun.

Professional Hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Melissa and Tommy with Tommy’s first African animal, a zebra. Zebra does not only wear magnificent skins, they also make for very good eating.
Velaphi “Sam” Thumana, Tommy and Melissa with Tommy’s gemsbuck (oryx) bull.
Tommy and Melissa Copeland with Tommy’s impala ram.
Tommy Copeland with a blue wildebeest.
Melissa and Tommy Copeland with Tommy’s warthog.

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