The Hunters from Hungary.

Our old friend and Hungarian agent, Zoltán Gál, brought a number of Hungarian hunters to Big Water Safaris in 2023, some of them were old friends and some were on their first hunt with us. Despite the language barrier everyone got along well, a lot of fine animals were hunted and a lot of memories made.

Professional Hunters: Bennie Breytenbach, Dewald Kearns and Thinus Steyn.

Árpad Sámássay Jnr. and Zoltán Gál at Laohu Valley Reserve.

Árpád Sámássay with his first African animal, a waterbuck bull.
Árpád Jr. with a blue wildebeest bull.
Árpád Sámássay, Velaphi Thumana and Árpád Jr. with a blue wildebeest bull.
The recovery crew carrying out a waterbuck.
Árpad Sr. and Árpad Jr. with a red hartebeest bull hunted by Árpad Sr.
Árpad Jr. with a warthog he hunted at Laohu Valley Reserve.
János Braun with a warthog hunted with Big Water Safaris.
Hungarian huntress Icu Molnár with her zebra.
Zoltán Gál with Hungarian hunter Lázlo with an ancient gemsbuck cow hunted by Lázlo.
Hungarian hunters Károly and János Braun with a kudu bull hunted on Laohu Valley Reserve.
Hungarian hunter Stephan Molnár with his gemsbuck, that is his wife Icu in the background.
Hungarian hunter Lázlo with an old broken horned waterbuck bull.
Hungarian hunter Stephan with a warthog boar hunted with Big Water Safaris.
Hungarian hunter Lázlo Kovacks with his kudu bull.
“Problem monkey”. Stephan and Icu with Stephan’s chacma baboon. The baboon was high on the Hungarian couple’s wish list and turned out to be the most challenging hunt of their trip.
Hungarian hunter Lázlo with his red hartebeest.
Károly Braun with a good blue wildebeest bull hunted on Laohu Valley Reserve.
István “Stephan” Molnár with his waterbuck.
Stephan Molnár congratulating Icu on a huge mountain reedbuck ram.
Hungarian hunter István Pálocks with his warthog.
Andrea and Zoltán Gál with Zoltán’s warthog.
Zoltán Gál with his well deserved sable bull, harvested after a tough hunt.

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