Chris Ajinga.

Chris Ajinga from North Carolina joined us in June 2023 for his second hunt at Big Water Safaris. This was originally intended to be a father and son hunt but due to circumstances Chris’s son could not make it on this trip. However, Chris has already booked his third hunt with us for 2024 and this time Jonathan will be accompanying his dad. We are looking forward to this!

Professional Hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Chris Ajinga with an old blue wildebeest bull he hunted at Laohu Valley Reserve. Blue wildebeest, also known as brindled gnu, are notoriously tough, they are often referred to as the poor man’s buffalo. However, this one succumbed to a single well placed shot from Chris, who was using a 6.5mm Creedmoor. Giving credence to the old saying. “Its not what you hit them with but where you hit them.”
Chris with a young kudu bull, hunted to feed the South China tigers at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Chris with a waterbuck bull he hunted with Big Water Safaris.
A herd of Burchell’s zebra at Laohu Valley Reserve, photographed during Chris’s hunt. It is not unusual to get close to animals that you are not hunting, they seem to know.
Chris Ajinga with a warthog boar he hunted.
A non trophy black wildebeest harvested by Chris for the South China tiger project.

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