The Californians.

Alex and Laura Montenegro and their friend Tony Cruz from California hunted the Laohu Valley Reserve with Big Water Safaris during September of 2022. While Alex is an experienced rifle hunter, this hunt was the first opportunity Tony ever fired a rifle. Although he has hunted quail and is an experienced pistolero, rifle’s and rifle hunting was a new experience for Tony. However, once he got the hang of it things went well and a lot of fun was had.

Hein Funck was Alex and Laura’s professional hunter and Thinus Steyn hunted with Tony.

Laura and Tony Montenegro with an impala ram hunted by Alex.
Tony Cruz with a young impala ram, the first animal he’s ever hunted with a rifle and also the first animal ever shot with this rifle, a Howa in .30-’06.
Alex Montenegro with a magnificent sable antelope bull hunted at Laohu Valley Reserve.
Tony Cruz with his blue wildebeest bull, harvested after a long stalk.
Accompanied by Hein and Simon, the Cruz, Montenegro party set off up the mighty Orange River to do some fishing.
Alex Montenegro and Tony Cruz after a successful fishing excursion, each with a catfish.
Laura and Alex with a blue wildebeest bull and a springbok ram harvested by Alex.

Tony Cruz with a young waterbuck bull hunted to feed the tigers at the endangered South China tiger project at Laohu Valley Reserve.

Alex Montenegro with his blesbuck.
Tony Cruz with his springbok ram.
Alex Montenegro with his kudu bull. The elusive grey ghost of Africa.
Tony Cruz with his warthog. A major part of the South China tigers diet consist of these pigs.
Alex with a very good steenbok ram. While these tiny antelope are often overlooked by hunters, they are a challenging quarry and make an impressive full mount for those looking for an unusual trophy.
Tony Cruz with his kudu, shot late on the last afternoon of his hunt.

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