Justin and Crystal Brinkley.

Husband and wife team Justin and Crystal from Virginia hunted Laohu Valley Reserve during September 2022 with their friends Phillip and Sarah Spitler and Kevin Campbell and Ryan Edwards.

Despite a problem with her boots, Crystal spent most of the hunt wearing Crocs, the Brinkley’s had a successful hunt.

Professional Hunter: Dewald Kearns.

Crystal Brinkley with her gemsbok (oryx). Gemsbok are very popular with local hunters and are considered by many to have the best meat of the large antelope.
Justin Brinkley with his zebra stallion. Good meat on a braai!
Crystal Brinkley with her black wildebeest (white tailed gnu). Known as the clowns of the plains, black wildebeest are known for their erratic behavior. Due to their habit of staying in the middle of a wide open plain they are hard to get close to.
Justin with his common springbok.
Justin with his black springbok.

Crystal Brinkley with her blesbuck ram.
Justin Brinkley with his blue wildebeest, known as the poor man’s buffalo these tough antelope are a challenging quarry.
Justin with his impala ram.

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