Brandon and Paige Lancaster with Fang Campbell.

Brandon Lancaster visited us back in 2015, hunting several exceptional trophies including a waterbuck bull and a kudu bull taken during an unforgettable hunt. This time he brought his daughter Paige and friend Collin “Fang” Campbell with. This trio from Maryland, USA had a successful hunt and a lot of fun was had by everyone involved.

Professional hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Paige Lancaster with an impressive zebra stallion shot by her after a challenging hunt. This animal was high on her wish list.
Brandon Lancaster with a Kalahari springbok ram.
Fang Campbell with his kudu bull. Spotted from over a mile away, late in the afternoon the bull was bagged after a long stalked which included passing up a magnificent waterbuck bull along the way and some challenging (for two old dudes) rock jumping to cross a creek.
Paige Lancaster enjoys climbing. She took advantage of our rest stops to climb anything climbable. Here she is on top of a windmill at one of Laohu Valley Reserve’s waterholes.
Fang Campbell with his first African animal an impala ram.
Paige and Brandon Lancaster with Paige’s first African animal, a blue wildebeest (brindled gnu) bull. The hunt started as a long stalk and ended with a 300 yard shot across a valley. A clean one shot kill on one of Africa’s toughest animals.
Brandon Lancaster with his white springbok ram. Guess who that is in the background.
Lunch break at the Otterspoort creek during a springbok hunt. From left to right Velaphi, Fang, Paige and Brandon.
Fang with his steenbok ram. The little guys are often the most difficult to hunt.
Paige Lancaster with her ancient warthog boar. Those tusks are destined to become knife handles.
Brandon with a blesbuck ram hunted just before sunset.
Brandon Lancaster with a copper springbok ram.
Paige with her ostrich. We ambushed the bird as it was slowly grazing towards us. Paige spent more than an hour in, what she referred to, as the “sniper” position on a very rocky and uneven dam wall before getting a shot.
Fang with his waterbuck bull. This is one of the most under estimated, and often overlooked, trophy animals available at Laohu Valley Reserve. A single shot from 420 yards with a .30-378 Weatherby concluded this hunt.
Fang Campbell and Brandon Lancaster taking a break during a hunt. The Orange River, which meanders through the reserve, can be seen in the background.
Brandon with his red lechwe ram. A challenging hunt with lots of walking and a lot of fresh starts as the lechwe took off again and again, ending in a perfectly delivered, long shot.
Fang with his mountain reedbuck ram. We hunted for one of this little antelope for many hours, once getting really close but unable to judge a ram’s size due to thick fog. This ram was spotted by Brandon on the last morning and after a short stalk Fang bagged it with a perfectly placed shot.
The last trophy of the hunt. Paige’s white blesbuck ram taken with a perfectly placed shot at long range. A challenging hunt, made more so by the scope on Brandon’s rifle losing its zero and forcing Paige to use Fang’s .30-378. All’s well that ends well!

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