The Miamians.

Our old friend Robert Padron from Miami, on his third hunt at Big Water Safaris, brought his friend Grant Musser for his first African hunt. The hunt was a success and, as always when Robert is around, was a lot of fun. For some reason most of the animals were shot on high ground and there was a lot of climbing involved.

Professional hunter: Thinus Steyn.

Robert Padron on top of a mountain with his gemsbuck (oryx) cow, a hard hunt that ended well.
Grant Musser with his blue wildebeest bull. Predictably, on top of a mountain.
Lunch time, Grant and Robert enjoying a meal in the veld.
Robert Padron with a kalahari springbok. Note the erect fan on the back of the springbok.
Grant with his kudu bull. He spent more than an hour on the shooting sticks, waiting for the kudu to step out from behind a thorn bush and hoping he would do so before the light failed. In the end it worked out perfectly.
My favorite Cuban taking a well deserved break on the banks of the mighty Orange river, South Africa’s biggest river.
Grant with a beautiful gemsbuck (oryx) bull shot on top of a mountain.
Southern Free State plains.
Robert Padron and Grant Musser with the trophies harvested during their hunt at Big Water Safaris.

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