Hunting with the Hungarians.

Our old friend Zoltán Gál visited Big Water Safaris for the third time, bringing with him his wife Andrea and some of his countrymen in two groups. Despite the challenge of not all PH’s and hunters sharing a common language, the hunt was very successful and everyone involved enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Hunters: Zoltán Gál, Andrea Gál, Zoltán Támál, Laci László, Braun Károly, Braun Károly jr, Mészáros Gábor, Karsai László, Krisztián András and Szarka Vince.

Professional Hunters: Mielie du Toit, Dewald Kearns and Thinus Steyn.

Zoltán Támás with a black wildebeest bull.
Laci Bárdos with an impala ram.
Zoltán Gál with an eland bull.
Zoltán and Andrea Gál with a warthog boar hunted by Andrea.
Cold morning at Laohu Valley Reserve, Zoltán and Andrea Gál with Velaphi and the Land Cruiser.
Laci Bárdos and Zoltán Támás with a blue wildebeest hunted by Laci.
Vince Szarka with a black wildebeest bull.

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