The Men from Missouri.

Denny Dennis, Kevin Duggins, Joe Dennis and James Mraz hunted with Big Water Safaris during May 2022. Professional hunters Dewald Kearns, Heinrich Funck and Thinus Steyn.

Jim Mraz with a magnificent cape buffalo bull taken during an exciting late afternoon hunt. After the bull went down we had to wait for the rest of the herd to move off. This took quite a while and we had to take the photos after sunset.
Denny Dennis and Kevin Duggins with a beautiful old eland bull hunted by Denny. Eland are the largest antelope species on Laohu Valley Reserve.
Joe Dennis with his kudu bull. If he looks tired it is because he is. We had to do some strenuous climbing to get to the bull.
Kevin Duggins with his kudu bull.
Jim Mraz with an eland cow shot for tiger food.
Joe Dennis with a red lechwe hunted on Laohu Valley Reserve.
Jim Mraz with his sable bull.
Denny Dennis and Kevin Duggins with an impala ram hunted by Kevin.

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