Chris Dvorak and David Kinser.

April 2022.

Chris Dvorak and David Kinser from Rapid City, South Dakota both had their first South African experience with Big Water Safaris. It turned out to be an exiting and successful hunt with several good trophies hunted, a boat trip on the Orange River, some attempted catfish fishing and a night hunt for predators. Professional hunter, Thinus Steyn. Fishing and predator hunting guided by Heinrich Funck.

Chris Dvorak and David Kinser with Chris’s Buffalo bull. There were a few tense moments before this photo was taken.
David Kinser with a late afternoon springbok shot for the kitchen. Springbok is probably the best meat you will eat on a South African hunting trip.
Chris Dvorak with an excellent, old Red Hartebeest bull. This bull was hunted for three seasons, and missed twice by another hunter, before Chris got it with an excellent 400m (440 yard) shot. David helped by giving his boot as a back rest for Chris’s rifle stock.
David Kinser and Velaphi “Sam” Thumana with David’s Warthog boar. This was an interesting, if somewhat confusing, hunt with two young jackal coming in to David’s elk call while we were attempting to lure the warthog out of its den, where it was sheltering after a rain storm.
Chris Dvorak with an Impala ram.
Chris Dvorak fishing for catfish during a boat trip on the Orange River.
Chris Dvorak with his Kudu bull.
David Kinser with a Blesbuck ram.
Chris Dvorak with an one horned Sable bull. A hard hunt in difficult terrain.
David Kinser with an old, one horned, kudu bull. We spotted this bull from a mile away and after a good stalk, David shot it at less than a 100 yards.
Chris Dvorak with his Eland bull, shot at the end of the last hunting day.

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