6.5mm – 130gr Nosler Accubond .

For many years the Nosler Partition was my favorite hunting bullet, so I was not a stranger to Nosler’s products when I started hunting with the 130gr Accubond in a 6.5×55. So how does the Accubond measure up as a hunting bullet?

Performance on game.

Bullet recovered from a large warthog boar shot at 150m. Recovered weight 79gr (60.7%)

Loaded to a muzzle velocity of ±2600fps from my 22″ barreled Howa rifle, the 130gr Accubonds shot moa groups at 100m. I hunted a total of 62 animals with this bullet, including springbok, blesbuck, warthog, red hartebeest, kudu, gemsbok, blue wildebeest and 3 sub adult eland bulls. Ranges varied from less than 50m (warthog) to 375m (a springbok).
Penetration, even on the larger antelope, was always more than adequate and expansion was reliable even at long ranges on lightly built springbok.

The heart of the wildebeest .

The first large antelope I shot with the 6.5×55 was a huge old blue wildebeest bull at 200m. The 130gr Accubond broke his shoulder and punched an impressive hole in his heart.

Many of our hunting clients use Nosler Accubonds so I have had the opportunity to see various caliber Accubonds in action, in addition to my own use of it. I have yet to be disappointed.

The Accubond would not be my first choice for adult eland bulls but it will work for that purpose if you use an adequate caliber (.308″ or larger) and avoid the heavy shoulder bones or raking shots. Apart from that, if you are looking for a plains game bullet that will perform reliably at all normal hunting ranges , I can recommend the Nosler Accubond.

Please note: It is important not to confuse the Nosler Accubond with Nosler’s Accubond LR (Long Range)bullet, there seem to be quite a difference in performance between the two. The Accubond has a white polymer tip and the tip of the LR Accubond is grey. 

2 Replies to “NOSLER ACCUBOND 6.5mm.”

  1. I used Accubonds on my Nambian safari back in 2004 when they first came out, and my PH was NOT happy about my choice. I too used partitions in the past, and had them slip their cores. I was shooting a very accurate custom 338 Win Mag with 225 Accubonds, and by the time the safari was done, I think he was convinced they were at least okay. 😉

    Here ‘s a link to a mountain zebra I shot through the heart from about 400 yards. It reared up and flailed a bit, but it died pretty quick and didn’t go far.

    1. Hi Sheldon
      Really good shot on the Zebra and a very good trophy. Accubonds are one of the best hunting bullets around today. We shoot over 800 animals annually and have not had one bullet failure with accubonds. We use several other bullets as well like Hornady interbonds, Hornady GMX, Barnes TSX and always advise our clients to bring premium grade bullets on a safari. No use in stuffing up a safari with wounded or lost animals due to bullet failure.
      Take care and happy hunting.

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