Hornady GMX 6.5mm.

120gr GMX bullets (6.5 Creedmoor) recovered from game animals.

For the past year, I have been using the 120gr Hornady GMX bullet in my Howa 6.5 Creedmoor. I load the bullet to just under 2800 fps and consistently get 1/2 moa groups.

Between me and clients using my rifle, this bullet has accounted for 73 game animals, including Black and blue wildebeest, blesbuck, eland, red hartebeest, springbok and warthog. These bullets penetrate well, even on the larger antelope and expand reliably out to more than 400 meters.

In the photo above the bullet on the left is an unfired 120gr GMX followed
(from left to right) by bullets recovered from: 1. Blue wildebeest shot at 75m, recovered weight of bullet 119.5gr. 2. Black wildebeest shot at 485m, recovered weight of bullet 119.5gr. 3. Black wildebeest shot at 350m, recovered weight of bullet 119.0gr. 4. Blue wildebeest shot at 300m, recovered weight of bullet 117.6gr. 5. Blesbuck shot at 375m, angling towards the shot, the bullet broke its shoulder and was recovered in the opposite hind leg, retained weight 107.6gr.

On animals, even the larger ones, the GMX normally exits, leaving a good blood trail on animals that do not drop in their tracks. This is one of my favorite hunting bullets in the 6.5mm cartridges.

Thinus Steyn

5 Replies to “Hornady GMX 6.5mm.”

  1. Nice review. For a 308 win, for an all round combo, would you say the 150gr GMX would work well in the bush and the plains? How do the monolithics compare to bonded bullets as all rounders? I have been told monos pencil through smaller animals like springbok. I am keen to try woodleigh 150gr but i am not sure if the GMX is a better all rounder.

    1. Hannes, the 150gr GMX would be my choice for an all round bullet in the .308 win. In my experience monolithics do not just pencil through, even on springbok sized game.

  2. Hi Thinus / Hein,

    Nice review. How does the Peregrine VLR-4 compare to the GMX as a matter of interest and which would you recommend for a 7×57?

    Looking for max range of 300m (200m more likely) for up to Blue WB size and reliability if I pull the shot into the shoulder bone?


    1. Hi David
      We use Peregrine bullets as well and have not had any bullet failures from Peregrine. I have not used it in my 7×57 yet but I am sure Thinus used Peregrines in his 7×57. He will be back from Canada next week and I will ask him to respond as well. Going on the performance with the 300WM and 375 H&H it is as good a bullet as the GMX out to 300m and the penetration will be sufficient to break the shoulder bone and go into the vitals. It is really an excelent bullet to use in SA.

    2. Apologies for the belated reply. I have used the 130gr Peregrine VRG-4 extensively in the 7×57 with good results. The VLR-4 is an improvement on the VRG-4 and should do really well in the 7×57 in either 130- or 140gr. I prefer the Peregrine bullets to the GMX, simply because it is always locally available. Both give excellent accuracy and terminal performance. You will not have a problem with wildebeest sized game, even if thick bone is hit. Good hunting!

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