Fantastic Fishing!

With 38km of riverfront we have excellent fishing during the warmer months from September to May. We specialize in artificial lure and fly-fishing.

With two boats at our disposal, we are able to travel to the best parts of the river or lake to look for the monster catfish or 25+lbs (10kg+) Large Mouth Yellowfish on fly.

The most common fish species we target are Carp, Catfish, Smallmouth yellowfish and Largemouth yellowfish. With the two types of yellowfish and catfish being predatory fish it is easy to target them on artificial lures or fly.

The best rod combination to bring is a 5-6 weight rod with a                                floating line for the smallmouth yellowfish and an                                       8 to 9 weight rod with floating and                                       intermediate line for catfish and Largemouth                                     yellowfish.

Big Waters, Big Fish

The biggest catfish we have landed on fly is a whopping 27Kg or 60lbs and the biggest Largemouth yellowfish was over 10kg's.

Landing a 16 kg Largemouth Yellow

16 LB Largemouth Yellow on fly


19 kg Catfish

Orange River Yellowfish on fly

Catfish on fly